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Raas-Garba Ramzaat 2012

Saturday, October 6th

6:00pm - 11:00pm
Streamwood Community Center
777 S. Bartlett Rd,
Streamwood, IL 60107

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Sports Day Camp 2012

Saturday, July 15th

Twin Lakes Recreation Area
Shelter #2
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Masti Group Charitable Organization

The Masti Group Charitable Organization (MGCO) is a registered non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, with their volunteer based membership dedicates their efforts and time to ensure 100% of the funds raised are applied towards research or other community betterment programs. The MGCO, over the past four years has committed to be part of having different mission and visions.

Our goal this year is to raise funds for children's memorial hospital. We can still make DIFFERENCE IN THE KIDS LIFE WHO ARE SUFFERING FROM VARIOUS LIFE THREATENING DISEASES. We all are PARENTS and we know how much we love our KIDS .... LET US WORK TO HELP THOSE KIDS AND FAMILIES WHO ARE BATTLING WITH THEIR LIVES.

We as a team have a great plan ahead of us in terms of having Fun Events throughout the year which involves both kids and adults. So I hope we all together HAVE FUN in a family environment which was the main reason why MASTI GROUP got together a decade back. With our changing priorities and our lives getting busier with jobs, kids. I feel we have put MASTI aside. Lets relive those years and make our lives happier and ofcourse with that we will give few happy moments to families who are really struggling to see their kids live ONE MORE DAY!!!


Aside from raising money, Masti Group is also dedicated to raising awareness about cancer within our community. Masti Group participates in many cancer awareness related activities sponsored by other cancer foundations. Additionally, Masti Group organizes their own fundraiser and invites guest speakers or distributes literature on cancer. Masti Group Charitable Organization has raised $7000 since its inception in October of 2008.


All the proceeds from our fundraising efforts will be sent directly to a cancer research foundation of our choice.
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